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Ink Drawing by Janis Emerson as a Sample"THE Survival Guide: Home Remodeling," by Diane Plesset

"Looking for an illustrator for my new book had become frustrating: the art had to be funny and off-beat– it also had to have real human personality so readers could relate to it. I had lots of ideas for illustrations, though I had to rely on the artist's interpretation of my humor. I had interviewed so many illustrators by then, but samples from their portfolios seemed "static" to me. It wasn't right for my book. I was stuck.

"A few days later, I was expressing my frustration to a business associate, when she cut in: "I've got the perfect illustrator for you!" She gave me Janis Emerson's contact info. I called Janis, explaining the kind of illustrations I needed for my book. Janis said, "OK. I'd like to do a piece of artwork for you that you might be able to use." Without any further direction or suggestions, Janis intuitively knew that her interpretation would appeal to me. I had found the right illustrator. My finished book went on to win several awards– and I know that the illustrations have played a supporting role.

"I know that Janis is a talented artist, but I didn't realize until very recently how versatile the scope of Janis' art really is. She was selected by National Geographic to create color illustrations for a children's book. She does amazing portraits that seem to capture the essence of her subject's spirit. And besides her fine art and ability to capture the Human form with expression, Janis is equally as comfortable with advertising, fashion, medical and technical illustration. I highly recommend Janis; a wonderful person, and a wonderful artist."

Diane Plesset, CMKBD, NCIDQ, C.A.P.S., principal of D. P. Design



"I have been acquiring Janis Emerson's paintings for over 20 years.  I have become an ardent admirer of the versatility, mastery and attention to detail she shows in the subjects she paints.  When I have displayed one or more of her works of art in my office, they have received countless favorable comments from others.

 "The inspiring quality of Janis's work is that she is able to capture the essential nature and character, of what she paints."

 Jeff Dreyer

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