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Photograph of the Artist

I have had a passion for creating art ever since I can remember.  In my earliest years, my dad was a draftsman working for the Army Corps of Engineers, and was quite an artist in his own right.  When I was about 2 years old and learning words, dad had his own way of teaching me what things were called– he drew a TV, a lamp or a chair, a car, a horse, our dog and cat– and then encourage me to guess the name.  We spent many pleasurable evenings this way.  I loved his drawings, and it wasn't long before I asked for a tablet and pencil of my own to draw on.  In what I imagine were a young child's scribbles at first, I would attempt to fill my page with copies of what dad drew.

After that, I was always drawing.  At around 5 years old, I began to experiment a bit with painting.  In the summer of my 8th grade year, my interests turned to drawing portraits.   Drawing from their 8th grade graduation photos, I had completed portraits of most of my friends by summer's end.  Then, as now, I always go for likeness; but I also attempt to catch the essence of the person I'm drawing or painting.

I went on to study painting, and feel very fortunate to have studied with wonderful art teachers.  I furthered this study by observing already-established artists at work in their studios– perhaps a kind of apprenticeship.  Within a couple of years, my paintings gained acceptance in the juried shows of "Artists of Oregon" at the Portland Art Museum.  The first year, I learned that my entry was one of 150 chosen out of 1500 entrants, and excitement turned to elation when my painting sold on Opening Night.  The painting "Columbia Cupcakes," my 2nd year entry, appears on this site.   The difference between fine art and illustration is that illustration is used in print media, such as books and magazines.  Adding this to my practice seemed like a natural way to expand the scope of my work.  Starting out, I worked with local clients.  About 10 years ago, I also began to work with clients nationally.

Illustrating has allowed me to do art in many different mediums, as well as with such a varied array of subjects:  from shoes and fashion and sporting goods to instruction manuals and other technical art; to a Thomas Kincade-style knock-off of a giant bar graph floating in a dynamic sky, to brainstorming to very humorous illustrations with the author of a wonderful book on "keeping one's sanity during a home remodeling project"; then, fast forward to detailed medical illustrations and patient education booklets;  and last, the assignment shifts me into high gear for work on book illustrations for a children's storybook,set in the Amazon Rain Forest.  Each new project has its own creative challenges and joys.  Whether the mood of the artwork is light and humorous, or detailed and straightforward, I love it all.   The work I do is always, in the end, rewarding.

I am honored to have received several local and national awards for my illustration work.  Among them are:  2 Rosey Awards, Portland, OR; an Addy Award, "Best in Show," Cleveland, OH; and a Clio Award, NY, NY.  My work has also been featured in Communication Arts Magazine, and has been published internationally.
I hope you will enjoy the artwork you find here.  Your comments are most welcome.

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