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Nov 06


A few days ago, I was contacted by a lady who commissioned me to create a series of 4 acrylic paintings.  The subject of the paintings will be:  a delicate young rose, Gazania daisies, calla lilies, and tulips– to complement her stunning painting of White Peonies–. She told me that how happy she would feel to have paintings of all of these favorite flowers displayed in her home.

Yesterday, in what I suspect was the Pacific Northwest's last look at sun-drenched 70 degree Fall weather, I took a lot of rose photos.  By afternoon, my client surprised me by emailing wonderful new photos of the daisies.  Both varieties turned out well, and should be good art reference.  For the lilies and tulips, I'll rely on the photos I took in Spring and Summer.  The beginning preliminary sketches will start tomorrow morning, as will preparing the painting surfaces with gesso.  I can hardly wait to start painting!

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